Not a Dress Person? That’s Fine, There Are Plenty of Tops and Pants to Choose From

Women today, whether they work in an office environment or simply are going out to eat with friends, will often feel pressured to wear dresses. While there’s nothing wrong with a dress and plenty of women love to wear them, if they’re just not your thing, then you may be thinking that there’s no way you can look as elegant and as put together as some of your co-workers or friends. Luckily, one designer in particular understands this plight, and by creating gorgeous Joseph Ribkoff tops and pants, has provided women with a gorgeous option other than wearing a dress.

Joseph Ribkoff Tops

Choose Color

Full of bright color and bold patters, Joseph Ribkoff tops are sure to make a statement, no matter the social situation that you find yourself in. They come in a variety of styles, so you are sure to find one that will work appropriately. From off the shoulder designs that are perfect for drinks out with your friends to more conservative collared tops that will stand out at the office, you will look and feel great in these tops. Made with attention to detail, such as beading, zippers, and attractive creases, these tops will put any dress to shame.

Joseph Ribkoff Pants

Look for Fit

Dresses can fit the body in so many different ways, and you will want to make sure that the Joseph Ribkoff pants that you choose offer the same versatility. With straight lines, tucking, and attractive designs, these pants will make you stand out in a crowd. You’ll never have to worry about the Joseph Ribkoff pants you choose being inappropriate, as they will skim your body without being too tight. In addition, they are perfect to wear in almost any social situation.

While it’s common for women to feel a lot of pressure to wear dresses, times are changing, and luckily there are certain designers who are leading the way and coming up with new clothing that flatters women and makes them feel attractive. You don’t have to stock your closet full of dresses when you carefully choose pants and tops that you can mix and match. This increases the number of outfit choices that you have and allows you to look great no matter what you are doing. Depending on the jewelry that you wear with these outfits, they can look as casual or as sophisticated as you want, allowing you to wear them multiple times and in multiple ways without being stuck in a rut.