Decabana Rewards Decabana Rewards

Welcome to our member-only reward points program that allows you collect reward points on every purchase!

Use your reward points to order anything you want for FREE! (See details below)

New to our online store? Create your free account, log in, and start accumulating. Existing customer? Then you’re already set—just log in and shop!

Your reward points will be displayed inside your customer account page.




You need you have a minimum of 500 points accumulated on your account in order to start redeeming them. You can redeem up to 1000 points per order.

Amount of points per item will vary and point ratio per dollar spent will be displayed on the cart page before you checkout.




Q: How do I earn Decabana Rewards?

A: Create your free account Once your account has been created, simply login and start shopping!

Q: Will I accumulate reward points with every item I purchase?

A: You will earn reward points for every item you purchase (some exclusions may apply). The specific amounts can been seen on the product details page only while logged in. Please note that if you pay for your order using store credit (and your order total at the time of checkout is $0), reward points won't be accumulated.

Q: How do I use my Decabana Reward Points?

A: When enough points are accumulated, simply:

  1. Log in to your customer account
  2. Add your selected styles to your shopping bag
  3. Select to pay with Decabana Rewards option at checkout

Q: Can I convert my rewards into $ amount?

A: Decabana Reward Points cannot be converted to a $ amount, however when enough points are accumulated, you can select any style from our website and have it for free!

Q: Can I pay half of an item with reward points?

A: You can partially pay for an item using reward points provided that the minimum required amount of points to purchase has been accumulated.

Q: Where can I see my Decabana Rewards?

A: Log in into your customer account and check your Reward Points.

Q: When do I receive my Decabana Points?

A: As soon as your order is placed you will receive an email notification that will contain the number of points acquired during purchase.
Important: Please note, you cannot accumulate points for orders that were paid with reward points.

Q: Can I return a free item redeemed with my reward points?

A: Free items purchased with reward points cannot be returned for refund.

Q: Do my reward points expire?

A: Your reward point don't have an expiration date! So take your time and use when you want to.

Q: What happens to my reward points if I return an item?

A: The Decabana Reward Points received for that item will be deducted from your account upon receipt of the item at our warehouse.

Q: If I checkout as a guest, can I still collect points?

A: Unfortunately, you can't collect & redeem points when you shop as a guest. This feature is available exclusively to customers logged on to their account

Q: Can you apply reward points to my past orders?

A: Reward points cannot be added retroactively

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