Trendy Joseph Ribkoff Dresses for Summer 2017

Floral Dresses

Joseph Ribkoff is considered a fashion pioneer who guides fashion trends and consumer preferences for resort, cruise, office, formal, and evening wear. If you select one of the Joseph Ribkoff floral dresses for summer 2017, there is one element that you can be sure of. Your new dress will have eye-catching color.

Hemlines of dresses vary from one occasion to the next as well as from one season to the next, depending on changes in fashion as well as on the personal taste of the individual. Almost every dress was floor-length just 100 years ago but designers such as Ribkoff have helped establish the popularity of different necklines, hemlines, color use, and patterns through the years.

For example, the v-neck design (front and back) is perfect for warm-weather wear with a sleeveless silhouette and zip closure on the back. The brilliant red and black design continues the innovative look that Ribkoff has delivered for six decades. His combination of black, dark blue, rich pink, and white on a sleeveless long dress is perfect for the semi-formal setting of a cruise or as one of your favorite party dresses.


Black and White Story

Great designers are able to use the two most basic colors, black and white, in creative ways. Joseph Ribkoff dresses are a perfect example of this ability to innovate. With just the right combination of each color and the unique placement of patterns, black and white can be much more than basic.

For example, you could choose dress in black and white with a one-of-a-kind crosshatch pattern and golden accent at the rounded neckline. You’ll be more than comfortable with the cap-sleeve design and knee-length cut.

One-Tone Dresses: For More Formal Occasions

When the occasion calls for more formal dresses or cocktail dresses are in order, the Ribkoff summer 2017 collection includes some outstanding options. You’ll capture their attention in the solid black dress with rounded neck and angled hemline with a sheer accent.

But black isn’t the only color option for semi-formal or formal dresses. Some settings are perfect for a deep, rich red. Maybe you’d prefer a jewel-tone blue for cocktail dresses with bateau necklines. They are made unlined so you’ll always be comfortable in warmer weather.


Cocktail and Party Dresses

Cocktail dresses are usually made of a lighter, almost silky material and have short sleeves. While party dresses sometimes had a lower hemline in the distant past, the solid-color Joseph Ribkoff dresses in red, blue, and black will be excellent choices for these occasions.

The concept of formal dresses and dresses in general has changed through the years and Ribkoff has had a lot to do with that. Clothing that was once considered formal dress is now reserved for a handful of occasions during a lifetime. Today, you can have floral dresses in rich colors that will serve perfectly for semi-formal occasions. Solid colors are fine for some formal occasions, especially when the dress is from the Joseph Ribkoff collection. When you wear Ribkoff, you’ll be in style and may even be taking part in establishing a trend.